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When and how is the NADE Newsletter published? All editions are published electronically and posted to this page. The Late Spring/Early Summer edition is published by June 15th, the Fall edition is published by October 15th, and the Winter edition is published by February 15th, except when the annual conference falls in February, in which case it is published one month prior to the conference.

When are the deadlines for submission?The deadline for Late Spring/Early Summer edition is April 15th, the deadline for Fall edition is September 15th, and the deadline for Winter edition is January 15th, except when the annual conference falls in February, in which case the deadline is December 15th.

What can I submit to the NADE Newsletter? The Newsletter accepts original articles 1000 words or less; reprints of articles from chapter newsletters are acceptable. Articles are usually focused on NADE news: articles from officers; reports from committees, councils, and SPINs; blurbs from chapters; articles from sister organizations with which NADE has reciprocal agreements; short informative articles of interest to our members (such as how-to articles, book reviews, etc.) Research-oriented articles are best steered elsewhere.

Articles for the NADE Digest, now a featured part of the newsletter,
may be submitted using the guidelines below:

The Digest editors invite articles of interest for Developmental Education professionals including developmental educators, learning assistance personnel, academic counselors, and tutors who are interested in the discussion of practical issues in post-secondary developmental education. Articles should relate to issues that inform and broaden our understanding and practice of teaching and learning in developmental education. The subject of the article may emphasize innovative approaches, best practices, how meaningful research affects teaching and learning, or techniques to enhance student performance. Manuscript guidelines can be found on the NADE website; submissions should be sent to the editors at

How do I submit my article? The article must be typed and submitted electronically. Microsoft Word documents attached to emails are preferred. Plain text in the body of an email is okay. The article must be PC-compatible. If you have documentation, use APA style. Don't worry about special formatting; the editors will probably have to change the formatting of submissions. If you have pictures, send them separately from your article. Make sure that they are in .jpg format. If you embed the pictures into your Word file, the editors cannot separate the picture from the text.

Where do I send my article? Send your article via email to Gwenn Eldridge, NADE News editor,

What's New

NADE Digest, Fall – 2016

“The New (Old) NADE”

  • A Position Paper by the Executive Board on the State of the Association
    Download PDF

Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Remedial Educators Warn of
    Misconceptions Fueling a Reform Movement
    Download PDF

NADE Executive Board comment on the Higher Education Reauthorization Act
Download PDF

Journal of Developmental Education Outstanding Articles:

  • Addressing Flawed Research in
    Developmental Education
    Download PDF
  • Effective Student Assessment and Placement: Challenges and Recommendations
    Download PDF

The College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) is pleased to announce that our second white paper, Assessment of Learning Assistance Programs is now available online for free download.

The Terrain of College Reading (CRLA Whitepaper)

A Common Framework for Remedial Reporting: Response to Remedial Reporting Task Force Recommendations. Download PDF.

A Cure for Remedial Reporting Chaos: Why the U.S. Needs a Standard Method for Measuring Preparedness for the First Year of College. Download PDF


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